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Prevent painful accidents to fingers and hands with Fingershield. This unique and innovative device provides protection by covering the gap between the door and the hinge, completely removing the danger of injury posed to children or vulnerable people.

From £23.95

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Fingershield Pro XL.

Prevent trapped fingers with this robust door protection device, highly effective in high traffic or high impact areas.

From £109.95

Happy Hands.

A colourful way to protect little fingers in classrooms and nurseries. Fitted to door handles, Happy Hands doorstoppers prevent accidents caused by children trapping their fingers in closing doors. 

From £4.50

Fingershield Pro 100.

A heavy-duty version of the Fingershield, the Pro 100 safeguards against accidentally trapping fingers in doors that endure frequent hard impact from trolleys or pushchairs.

From £87.95


Designed to complement the Fingershield device to provide complete protection against accidents involving trapped fingers. An added measure of safety precaution ideal for settings catering for small children.

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Designed to allow fire doors to be held open safely and in compliance with regulations, the Dorgard automatically closes fire doors in the event of fire, preventing the spread of flames and smoke.

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Rearshield Pro XL.

Designed to work in conjunction with the front-side Fingershield Pro XL, this device provides extra protection against trapped-finger injuries on the rear side of a door.


From £29.95

Finger Protect Pack.

The complete anti-finger trapping solution. Each pack contains one Fingershield for the front side and one Rearshield for the back hinge pin side of a door. 

From £33.95

Handle and Hinge Pack.

The ultimate door safety solution. This pack contains one Fingershield, device, one Reardshield, and one Happy Hand doorstopper.

From £36.95