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Eliminate the risk of trapped fingers with Fingershield. Designed to completely cover the gap between a door and hinge when the door is open, Fingershield is a simple and effective solution to prevent children or adults from trapping their fingers in doors and suffering injuries. With average compensation claims ranging from £3,250 to £7,000, the Fingershield device is doubly beneficial: it provides peace of mind by stopping accidents occurring, and protects you from potential litigation in the event of an injury.
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Fingershield: The Number One Anti-Finger Trapping Solution

Injuries caused by fingers getting trapped in doors are far too common – yet they are completely preventable. Approximately 40,000 such child safety incidents occur in UK schools each year, according to RoSPA. That’s why Cardea Solutions created the Fingershield device in 1999, supplying more than one million devices over the last 15 years to schools, nurseries, care homes and many other settings catering for children. Easy to install, remove and retrofit, the Fingershield is a simple and practical solution to prevent accidents and meet health and safety requirements.


Strong and Durable. For long-lasting safety.

Fingershield’s patented design is crafted of high-quality, EU specification uPVC, with nitrile rubber covering the hinges. We’ve tested the device to over 1.8 million door openings, which in most applications, far exceeds the 10-years-plus product life cycle expectancy. That’s why we’re confident in offering customers our 10-year warranty.


Discreet Design and Colour Options.

Fingershield is designed to blend in harmoniously with your environment. Functional yet discreet, the device is hardly noticeable when a door is closed. For when the door is open, you have an array of choices in complementary or contrasting colours for maximum visual appeal: white, brown, black, beige, teak, beech, grey, blue, yellow and red.  


Resilient and Easy to Maintain.

Once installed, the Fingershield needs little in the way of maintenance. A simple annual inspection to be sure the device is functioning properly and all the screws are securely in place is all that is required. The Fingershield is easy to keep clean too – just wipe it down during your general cleaning routine. Hardwearing and durable, Fingershield will withstand years of use.


Quality and peace of mind, guaranteed.

Each Fingershield device comes with a free, 10-year warranty. Once fitted, Fingershield eliminates the risk of injury from getting hands trapped in doors, ensuring that untold numbers of fingers will be protected for years to come.


Satisfied Customers.

We’re confident our products are designed and built to the highest standards. And we’re not the only ones. Read testimonials from our happy clients.


Fingershield Fitting Instructions

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Standard length 1960 mm (non –standard sizes available on request)



Upvc Rigid sections
PVC Nitrile flexible sections
These are calcium-zinc stabilised medium impact materials
Neither material contains cadmium or lead.



Product variations
4 panel Fingershield device
Acts as an effective secondary smoke inhibitor and draft excluder
UL 4h fire rating
Available for use on rising butt hinge doors.


Fitting Instructions.

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